Calcium Chewable Tablets 30’s


Calcium is critical for many metabolic functions. While 99% of body calcium is found as part of the structure of bone and teeth, 1% is found in plasma and body cells and is crucial for such functions as blood clotting, nerve impulse conduction and muscle contraction. Calcium supplementation assists in maintaining and ensuring healthy strong bones.


Each Chewable Tablet Contains:
Calcium Carbonate  1388.89mg
(Equivalent to 500mg Elemental Calcium)
Vitamin D 500iu



Adult Dosage:
Chew 1 Tablet Daily

Or as prescribed by a Doctor or Health Care Professional

Please consult with your medical practitioner when taking vitamin and mineral supplements. Calcium salts reduce the absorption of a number of drugs such as Tetracyclines. Doses should be separated by at least 3 hours from the recommended daily iron & folic acid supplementation or any micronutrients containing iron.