Zinplex Junior Syrup Sugar Free


* Boosts the immune system.
* Combating colds, oral thrush and runny nose.
* Reducing incidence of diarrhoea.
* Maintaining the nervous system.
* Reducing hyperactivity – which results in a calmer child.
* Protecting against eczema, dermatitis and skin rashes.
* Normal growth and mental development.
* Improving concentration.


Zinc Picolinate 25mg
(Equiv. to 5mg Elemental Zinc)
(Gelykstaande aan 5mg Elementêre Zink)
Selenium AAC 10 μg
Vitamin C 20mg


Dosage/ Dosering:
Children 2 months to 2 years/
Kinders 2 maande tot 2 jaar:

One teaspoon per day/ (5ml)
Een teelepel per dag
Children 2 years to 4 years/
Kinders 2 jaar tot 4 jaar:

Two teaspoons per day/ (10ml)
Twee teelepels per dag
Children 4 years to 6 years/
Kinders 4 jaar tot 6 jaar:

Three teaspoons per day/ (15ml)
Drie teelepels per dag