This stuff is Magic!

We have a 4 month old daughter who was born with a genetic skin condition called Incontinentia Pigmenti. It is a condition where the skin produces more melanin (normal skin pigment) than a normal person. It starts off as blisters, which can normally be seen at birth and then it goes into a crusty phase and eventually ends in pigmentation which will fade by adolescence. I have started giving her Zinplex Junior at two months of age and it has really helped for the crusty stage of the condition. She still gets it, but it is not nearly as bad as what it was in the beginning. This stuff is magic and has made her life so much more comfortable.

Hester, - South Africa

Powerful Mineral Supplement

I have been giving Zinplex to my (now 18 months old) daughter who was getting sick every two weeks with tonsillitis, etc. Since she has been taking Zinplex (nearly 6 months now) she has only had a runny nose once (that did not progress further than that) as a result of me passing the germ along as I got sick with it.I am so impressed with the product and refer it to my friends whenever I can. It is such a powerful mineral supplement.

Mary van Ede , - Braamfontein, South Africa

Highly recommended

We have been advised by our Lactation consultant/Nurse” She recommended that we use Zinplex daily and it is a fantastic supplement. Baby takes it without a problem!

Milly Spies, - South Africa

The kids love it!

Wow, finally something healthy the kids don’t mind taking!” “I have been giving it to my 5 month old baby to help with her eczema, have noticed fantastic results, thank you!”

Kerrin Moore, - South Africa

What a boost?!

We used this recently when our daughter was sick” It worked like a charm. It helped boost her immune system and she got better quicker.

Caryn Step, - South Africa

Zinplex saved my wedding photos!

As far as I can remember I have always had bad skin.  I don’t have breakouts, my whole month is a breakout! Having bad skin really has had such a huge effect on my life, not only did I have bad skin on my face, but my chest and back was effected 2.  The worst is that it did not end after puberty, at the age of 27 I still looked like a 16 year old with really bad skin.  I am a Sales Rep and need to put my best face forward.  I use to have my full makeup bag in my handbag everyday and use to replace my make up 3 – 7 times a day to look ok (never great).

Walking into Pharmacy the one day (yet again looking for a new product to try) I found Zinplex.  I thought what can I lose?  Took my first tablets then and there and started taking it every day.  Not telling anyone anything I just went about my day.  Two weeks later a friend of mine asked me what have I done to improve my skin.  I told her about Zinplex and she could not believe it.  A month later i could do my make up in the morning and not worry about it.  Not only that i did not have to use base anymore!  I have been using base since the age of 14!

A month before my wedding i forgot to buy my Zinplex.  My skin started breaking out!  With all the stress of the wedding it really took a turn for the worse.  I was so worried i will have pimples on my wedding photo’s.  Two weeks before the wedding I got my Zinplex and started taking them again.  And my skin started recovering.  As you can see in my Wedding photo’s my skin was flawless! Two weeks before my skin was terrible! I had such a wonderful day, and not once did i have to worry about my face, my back, my chest.

For the first time in my life I feel proud of my face and don’t try and hide it with my hair. I can also wear my bikini, without caring what my back or chest looks like. Zinplex changed my life and I will suggest anyone with any skin problems to use it.

Irene Janse van Rensburg, - South Africa

All I can say is WOW!

I’m 24 years old and have been struggling with acne and my skin for the last year and a half.  I saw Zinplex range 2 months ago and I bought the face mask to try it out. It really seemed to work, so I went out and bought the facial cleanser and gel as well. All I can say is WOW!  What the range has done for my skin is amazing. I was actually able to go an entire day without wearing make-up and I just wanted to thank you guys for developing such an awesome product!  Will definitely continue to keep using it in the future.

Charlotte Plant, - South Africa

Thank you so much!

Upon having given Zinplex to my 10 year old daughter suffering with eczema, it disappeared completely after taking Zinplex for only a few days. I hasn’t re-occurred since. Thank you so much!

Annie Somme, - South Africa

It’s as if I had plastic surgery!

I have had this problem for almost 5 years now and I was tired of going to different doctors and trying to use all different products.  Whatever there was on the market. I had tried it and nothing had seemed to work. “The so called professionals” as I call them don’t realize that you need to treat the problem from the  inside and not always from  the outside first.

My skin was always inflamed, red, bleeding, and I looked like a 32 year old going on 50.  I reached a stage where I could not have been bothered anymore until the sky opened up for me, the day i was introduced to Zinplex.

At the chemist where I was, all there was, was a adverts of how peoples skin looked before and that looked like a mirror image of me. I decided to try it. On the bottle of Zinplex I saw a e-mail address where I than requested some information.  I sent a e-mail to Eric asking for help. Eric guided me very well, and a month later as I have said, it looks like I have had plastic surgery.

People who have not seen me for a while are now asking “What have you done to you face, you look great!” My skin is also much smoother and better (alive) looking. No more inflammation areas and I have even noticed that the scarring is starting to fade.

I believe that Zinplex  has done this to my skin.

Sonja Cullu, - South Africa

I am so Impressed!

I am 27 years old and all of a sudden started to get stubborn acne, even though I had a problem-free skin most of my life. I have tried absolutely everything on the market, but having a super sensitive skin, nothing worked and most products only made the problem worse and even burned my skin. I have purchased your face wash, treatment gel, scrub/mask, moisturizer and Forte capsules NOT EVEN TWO WEEKS AGO and used it everyday twice a day.

I just want to say that not even in two weeks, all my acne cleared up, I only have a few blemishes left but I have noticed that they are also starting to fade. My skin feels baby soft, even more supple and smooth and I would just like to THANK YOU 10 000 times for such an excellent product you provided to us damsels in distress! I have already recommended your products to all my friends and you have most certainly gained a regular customer! Once again thank you! I am so impressed!!! Keep up the fantastic work!

Adele van der Nest, - South Africa

Ju-Alize’s story

Two-year-old Ju-Alize can finally bath without pain and can play like other toddlers, after a Cape Town doctor diagnosed her with Acrodermatitis Enteropathica.

Little Ju-Alize, before she was diagnosed with Acrodermatitis Enteropathica. Her tiny body was covered with a rash so itchy that she was unable to wear clothing and bathing was a nightmare for her and her parents.

The friendly toddler four months later, with her proud mommy Liza.

Ju-Alize a year later after consultation with the Doctor and taking the Zinplex Junior Syrup.

Ju-Alize, like many two-year-olds, loves to play in the garden and climb on chairs and play with her mommy’s hair, but until now, she was not even able to wear a T-shirt or a pair of pants.

Just two months after her first birthday, Ju-Alize’s parents noticed a small blister on her lip, but never thought anything of it. Little did they know that the blister would cause them heartache for the next eight months of their baby girl’s life.

“We just thought that it was caused by her dummy, but by the morning, she had a rash on her knee and by the next day, it had spread like a wild fire. It was in her toenails and fingernails, on her calves, arms and it even started in the white of her eyes and tear ducts,” says Liza, Ju-Alize’s mom.

The worried couple, who live in Strubenvale, spent the next few months visiting doctor after doctor, trying to find out what was happening to their angel.

“We saw 14 doctors from Springs, Pretoria and even Rustenburg. We went to two homeopaths, four dermatologists and a number of pediatricians and no-one could help us,” she says with tears in her eyes.

The Vogel family was give cortisone creams and medication and to make matters worse, they were first-time parents and frowned upon by the community.

“So many people whispered behind our backs, asking if we had burnt her. People looked at us like we were bad parents. It got so bad, that we stopped going out, I could not understand how people could criticise us, even though they didn’t know what had happened,” she says, with the toddler crawling at her feet.

The rash on Ju-Alize’s body turned to blisters and eventually began peeling. She lost all her hair, as well as her eyelashes and eyebrows. Every time the now active toddler needed a bath, both parents would need to cut her clothing off.

“The rash never dried out, so her clothes stuck to her all the time. It was so painful to see my baby in so much pain and I felt helpless, because there was nothing that I could do. I could not give up work, because medical bills were so high, so my mother-in-law would sit with her during the day. My baby could not move and would lie still on lots of soft pillows,” Liza says emotionally.

Eventually, they were given the number of a doctor in Cape Town who could possibly help them.

“This doctor took one look at a picture of Ju-Alize and said that she was suffering from a zinc deficiency. He prescribed medication, which can be bought over the counter and only costs about R40 at that time,” she says, adding that after two days of taking Zinplex, her baby’s body started healing.

“I could not believe the change in her, she stopped crying and started looking much better. Within three weeks, her body was clear of all blisters and rash. The doctor in Cape Town said that although she was now clear, she would need to take the medicine for the rest of her life,” says Liza, adding that a salesman selling Zinplex has offered to supply the medicine to the family at no cost.