The Zinplex Story

Ockert Fourie is the founder of Zinplex. He had a vision to create a zinc based product that would have a positive impact on the pharmaceutical industry.

House of Zinplex started in Ockert’s apartment in Strand, where it expanded to a house in Pretoria, eventually ending up in the warehouse where business operations run from today. With the assistance of his son, Herman, Ockert managed to grow the business into the renowned brand we know today.

The company has grown immensely through the last couple of years, boasting with more than 32 products, an interest in a cosmeceutical factory, pharmaceutical factory and homeopathic aromatherapy and massage oil company.

Ockert passed away during 2015, but his legacy still lives on through Herman, his son, who is dedicated to expanding the company and continues to strive towards the creation of a healthier way of life for all.